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Saturday, May 21, 2011

caprice ariz

ni lah caprice .
wuuuuu ~
you could be fat in skinny jeans, or the one Billie Jean,
Black or white, you're still creme de la cream,
or cream de la creme, you know what i mean,
the cream of the crop, i'am what i be, yeaahhh,
you are what you eat,
and you're so fit, french cuisine,
im a long-term man, take a ride with me,
if you're half chinese, WO-I-NI,
attend, une seconde, rouge ou blanche like vive la France,
ma petite copine on danse,
si je parte maitenant, on reste ensemble,
uhh, on peut s'coucher,
but you and i babe we up, souflee,
im one of the best so your boy touche,
i dont mean to brag but i'am today,
so current im about the paper,
you could be my sayang or my manje
we might as well try we dont get no younger,
you plus me, ai-ka-ram-ba,
yeahh from Damansara,
and you're so hot like rice and curry,
and so bright, matahari,
and i aint gotta try, ya diiiig?

ngee ~

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